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I’ve been working on a very exciting web project — and for myself, not a client. For years now, Greg and I have been unhappy with the way releasing music works today. Not that it’s ever been perfect, but the business model of music is beyond imperfect at this point, and has reached a state that’s unsustainable for actual musicians.

So, we’ve always asked, what are a couple of tech-savvy musicians to do?

Years of ideas recently coalesced into something that we’re both very excited about — Wax and Leather, our tiny label/collective, will become a new way of releasing music that centers around the Fediverse, with some Indieweb principles sprinkled in for good measure.

Both Greg and I have found Mastodon to be a delightful online community, and I’m inspired by the decentralized model of the internet. I truly believe that we should own and control our creative products, even if that means things are a little messier.

So consider this post both a test of some new technologies we’re implementing, as well as my way of saying hello to this new project. I’m so excited to see where it leads.

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    • Hey there! I’m kind of amazed that you saw this…a testament to the power of federation. 🙂 As you saw, you can follow this website anywhere in the Fediverse, or you can follow via RSS:

      We’ll likely try to put together an email list as well at some point, but haven’t gotten there yet. In fact, I *just* got this WordPress install up and running today, ha! Still quite a bit of testing (and probably some plain old trial and error) before everything is running perfectly smoothly.

      But either way, you’ll start seeing posts popping up here, both about music and about this Fediverse/Activitypub/IndieWeb adventure.

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