by dddd

This week, Greg and I released Misalignment, our first LP as our duo Doctor Body. My favorite quote so far: “Part shimmering sonic collage, part experimental dream pop, all hauntingly catchy.”

I’m so thrilled to get this album out in the world. It’s honestly my favorite thing I’ve ever worked on. This has been true of lots of projects over the years (thank goodness), but I REALLY REALLY mean it this time.

Why is this one so special? A few reasons…

  • Greg and I have finally found a way to work together on music, and it’s absolutely worth the years of trying different things that have failed. We each did the things that we’re good at, and come naturally to us.
  • This is the first time I’ve been able to incorporate my songwriting into music that’s slightly abstract in a way that I think is successful.
  • Greg’s mix/master job blows me away. I honestly don’t think anyone could have done it better…it sounds FANTASTIC.
  • THAT BASS SOUND. (<3 Yamaha CS-15D)
  • It’s a slow burn that requires attention and multiple listens. (This is a good thing, although it also makes it harder to promote.)
  • The album art is by a favorite local artist of mine, Robert Seaman. He’s an incredible elder gentleman who found inspiration (and an audience!) creating a Doodle a Day during COVID…and beyond. I have two of his works adorning my wall, and couldn’t be more thrilled with this very alive, strange, and architectural work as the album cover. <3
  • I absolutely love the music. The end.

Hope you give it a listen and enjoy it! It’s slowly oozing out to all the streaming services too, so search it out wherever you listen.