You are cordially invited to come see Alison perform her own music for the first time since 2011. Here’s all the info you could want, and more!

I’m coming, stop talking, just let me buy tickets

Blix Byrd w/ special guest keyboardist Greg Wilder. Stage design by Jess Gelter.

Location: Nova Arts, aka Brewbakers, in Keene, NH (map)
Date/Time: July 15, 2023, doors at 7pm, Blix Byrd starts at 8pm
The Venue: Nova Arts is an awesome small venue that serves good snacks, beer and wine.

Who/What is Blix Byrd?

Blix Byrd is Alison Wilder, a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter who crafts bizarre new sonic worlds for each song. Her songs are abstract but narrative-driven, dark but playful, sinister but innocent. She uses a wide variety of instruments, sounds, and styles so that each story lives in its own environment. Alison lives in the beautiful small city of Keene, NH.

Blix Byrd and Greg Wilder perform a cover of Tubeway Army. If you happen to love this song, you’re in luck — this is on the setlist.
Blix dresses better than Alison

Greg Wilder

Greg Wilder is a composer, pianist, and music informatics specialist who regularly collaborates with choreographers, filmmakers, theater directors and animators on stages across the globe. He’s been at the center of projects ranging from large immersive speaker installations, to touring big band and drag shows, to the development of new music AI technology, to underscoring radio and TV commercials. Today, Greg lives and makes music in a remote cabin in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. | |

Greg Wilder – synth wizard

If this looks fun and you’re able to come, I’d love to see you there…the support would be much appreciated! (And if the cover charge is a problem, please reach out, I probably have a list I can put you on.)

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